Cover Story

Alternative energy – the next big thing in Saudi?

Khalid al Falih, Saudi Arabia’s oil minister, announced in January that the Kingdom would “within weeks” issue tenders for a solar and wind power program worth US$30-50 billion. The project is the latest in a series of major renewable and...

Debt Capital Markets

Sovereign hopes kick off a quiet start to the year

Although the initial Saudi sovereign issuance in October failed to include Islamic paper in its record-breaking US$17.5 billion sale, hopes are high that the Kingdom could come to market again early this year with a Sukuk to satiate the demands of...

Equity Capital Markets

Positive reaction to stock market reforms – but is the recent rally unsustainable?

Despite three consecutive positive months in the last quarter of 2016 and overall annual gains of 31% for the year, the Saudi stock market had a rocky start to 2017. Tadawul All Share Index (TASI) returns are down by -1.55% year-to-date, while the&...

Asset Management

The sleeping giant stirs – Saudi’s Public Investment Fund increases activity

After years of relative inactivity the Saudi sovereign wealth fund is starting to wake up – and the world is paying attention. The IPO of Saudi Aramco in 2018 will bring the fund a potential US$100 billion and recent deals including a US$3.5...


Takaful companies under solvency pressure, healthcare sector presents opportunity

The biggest news so far this year has been the announcement of new plans from the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) to increase traffic for the insurance industry. Expected to come into effect in April this year, the new rules require...

Islamic Retail

Saudi profitability hit by rising provisioning costs

Last year was a struggle for Saudi banks, with net profits tumbling by 5.4% over 2016 according to the latest figures from Moody’s Investors Service, based on preliminary financial results. Banks’ net financing from June to December declined 3%...


The Eiger Trading Platform – 7 years in the Kingdom, and counting..

Having pioneered the first multi-asset web-based Commodity Murabahah platform in 2009, Eiger continues to push the boundaries within the Shariah Compliant commodity brokerage space, by developing a number of bespoke real-time, trading interfaces...

Case Study

SEC facility remains landmark issuance in domestic market

In recent years Saudi’s domestic debt capital market has upped its game as banks contract their lending resources and firms look elsewhere for funding. Yet major issuances remain few and far between and transactions so far this year remain thin...

News Briefs

News Brief

A summary of all the latest Islamic finance news in the Kingdom and from around the world with a direct impact on the Saudi Arabia market.