Project Finance

Saudi Islamic banks should look to smaller projects for infrastructure opportunities

The project and infrastructure financing market in Saudi is continuing apace, despite the squeeze from several years of low oil prices. The Vision 2030 and National Transformation Plan continue to drive diversification and encourage privatization....

Asset Management

New rules to boost Saudi asset management market

The Capital Market Authority (CMA) has loosened financial regulations to enhance asset management activity and increase private equity and venture capital investments, in a move designed to boost the Kingdom’s asset management market and...


Positive outlook for Saudi banks as liquidity improves

Saudi Arabia has one of the top five banking systems in the world, according to finance minister Mohammed Al-Jadaan, speaking at a recent seminar. And with liquidity finally returning to the banking system as oil prices improve and public sector...


Only the strongest will survive? Authorities crack down on Saudi insurers

It has been a tough month for the Saudi insurance market as the regulator cracks down on a perceived lack of compliance within the industry, while the central bank is reported to be preparing a new set of rules with the target of streamlining the...

Equity Capital Markets

A bad month for Tadawul, but prospects improve on the back of Aramco IPO

It was a tough month for the Saudi stock exchange, with Tadawul falling by a steep 5% in the first 10 days of October before flatlining to finish the month 4% down overall. Total equity market capitalization was also down to SAR1.64 trillion (US....

Debt Capital Markets

Sovereign issuance continues to support local debt capital market

Lending and debt activity picked up in October as the fourth quarter rolled around and both the public and private sector look to soak up final funding before the year ends. With the sovereign leading the way in both international and domestic...

News Briefs

News Brief

A summary of all the latest Islamic finance news in the Kingdom and from around the world with a direct impact on the Saudi Arabia market.

Cover Story

All aboard! Saudi boards the fintech train

Saudi Arabia has been slow to jump on the fintech bandwagon compared to neighboring jurisdictions such as Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and Dubai, all of which have already staked their claim as regional fintech hubs. But with a surge of news emerging from...